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      Not a Man but a Woman

      Actor: DavikaHoorne ChantavitDhanasevi Keerati Mahapreukpong
      Rin whom from the countryside is working alone in Bangkok. She has to send money every month to redeem the land which her mother was cheated. But the sudden bankruptcy of the company made her losing her job and overwhelmed. She meet sissy ken sister by chance who was expelled from the bar, due to the same situation of the two, ken sister told her to participate in the ladyboy beauty contest, because the winner's bonus is very impressive. Rin feel very uneasy about deceiving the public, but can't stand Ken's plead and finally Rin gets The champion , Rin got the opportunity to star in the TV series due to outstanding beauty, however Pak is the director of the show, because working together with each other after long time, pak has a feeling for rin, but he does not like the ladyboy, for himself like "Men" is unacceptable. But Pak couldn't resist his heart, and finally bravely admits love, no matter what gender Rin is, nor how others think he fell in love with a "man", while Rin is a woman's identity was exposed When will the two men’s feelings go, will Pak forgive Rin’s deception?