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      I'm Not a Robot

      Actor: Yoo Seung Ho Chae Soo-Bin Um Ki Joon Seung-eon Hwang
      "Having lost his father in a fatal shopping mall collapse, Gang-du is bereft of any will to live and he grudgingly goes on day by day with his mess of a life. One night, Gang-du walks down the road with his ailing leg. He gets beaten near to death by a group of men and is cast aside in a deserted back alley. He struggles to get up, but to no avail. Just before he succumbs to darkness, a woman Moon-su reaches out to him. He regains consciousness only after three whole days with the woman long gone by then. Gang-du hears the news that a construction project is due to kick-off at the accident site. As though bewitched, he finds himself visiting the place and getting hired. Fate also reunites Gang-du and Moon-su there, where they hovered between life and death twelve years ago. Despite their constant bickering, Gang-du starts to develop feelings for Moon-su and this brings a change upon his rough-and-tough character. Life seems to take a turn for the good, but Gang-du finds out that the chief of the construction site, Joo-won Seo, is the son of the person responsible for the past accident. In addition, as much as he would like to ignore it, Gang-du becomes aware that Moon-su held romantic intentions towards Joo-won. Meanwhile, Joo-won approaches Gang-du. By revealing the truth of the fatal incident, Joo-won makes a proposal, which Gang-du cannot possibly refuse. Hence, the two men embark on an uncomfortable relationship."

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