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      IRIS S2

      Actor: Jang Hyuk Lee Da-hae LeeBeom-su Kim So-yeon Im Soohyang
      The South Korean intelligence agency NSS TF-A is a strong intelligence team. Captain Zheng Liujian has a strong ability, but it seems to have hidden secrets. Team player Xiu Xiu has a strong shooting ability. Although he is not in the state on a regular basis, he can actively play his role at a critical moment. He is an indispensable female player; Cui Min, the deputy director of NSS, is the super-born of the Pentagon in the United States. She is running at the negotiating occasion and is the absolute core of the NSS reform team. In order to solve the mystery surrounding the "White Mountain", NSS launched a series of surveys and searches, and the truth of the story is extremely complicated and unexpected. Captain Liu Jian was also irresistible and involved in these things, changing his life path...