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      Legal High 2

      Sakai Masato Aragaki Yui Okada Masaki Junnosuke Taguchi Haru Kuroki
      The unchanged Komikado Kensuke became the lawyer for Kiwa to defend her innocence against the majority. However, he was challenged by Hanyu Haruki, a rookie prosecutor who used to be an intern in Komikado’s law firm, and failed for the first time. After that, Hanyu, dreaming of bringing happiness to everyone, quitted his job and opened a law firm. While Komikado and Mayuzumi were persuading Kiwa to appeal, they had to take weird and difficult minor cases to make ends meet. During this, frenemy Hanyu became another tough opponent to Komikado after Miki. One is the “evil pettifogger” who regards the court as battlefield and values victory and money over justice, while the other is the Mr. Win-Win who has sunny smile and wishes to resolve all the disputes. A fierce battle of tongue is coming again……

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