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      Love in Twilight

      Actor: Pakin Kumwilaisuk Oranate D. Caballes Chutavuth Pattarakampol Pornsroung Rouyruen Akarat Nimitchai Kanticha Chumma
      “Parichart left her boyfriend and came to ‘Dok Dang Creek’ to fulfill her principle as a teacher. She walked into the wood then saw a red full moon in twilight with the roared sound of the tiger. She ran but met up with some huntsmen, suddenly a royal tiger jumped out and killed huntsmen brutally. Parichart was so frightened and lost consciousness. When she woke up, she found out that she was saved by “Dr. Sama”. She asked him about last night incident but he acted knowing nothing. However, Dr. Sama was hiding the truth of being the royal tiger who was chosen from the tribe. He would turn to be the royal tiger on the night of red moon in order to get rid of the forest and wild animal invaders. The news of the royal tiger coming turned Dok Dang Creek to be a battlefield between the protector and the hunter included, “Saksit” a Park Ranger, Dr.Aujchara the zoologist, “Songsak” the village chief who smuggled selling wild animals, “Pranboon” a hunter who wanted to revenge the royal tiger, and others who planned to hunt for their own benefit. Parichart fell in love with Dr. Sama but she still suspected the secret behind him. She later found out that he actually was the royal tiger who saved her that night. However, his mission was a priority and even his identity was disclosed, she would put all efforts to support him. Not only her, but all the protectors would join to complete this mission and bring the peaceful back here."

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