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      Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters

      2014|Japan|All 69 EPs|Sci-Fi
      After the thrilling battle of Sharu, Z fighters have been updated. Under the guardianship of Sun Gohan and his friends, the earth has ushered in peace for seven years. With the shouts of the whole world, the long-awaited World No. 1 Martial Arts Conference was announced again. Gohan, Vidiri, Goten on the 18th, Trunks and even Monkey King who came from another world took part in the high-profile competition, making Satan shudder. In the arena, the joining of two strange players kicked off a new round of crisis on the planet. After that, the evil magician Buffidi from outer space appeared on the stage. He used evil means to resurrect the terrifying opponent Majin Buu who was sealed by the world king. The worst battle of the Z warriors; the earth is at stake...

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