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      The Glory of Tang Dynasty S02

      2017|Mainland,China|All 32 EPs|Romance · Traditional Costume · Story
      Yin Tao
      Jing Tian
      Allen Ren
      Wan Qian
      Shu Chang
      Qin Junjie
      Mao Zijun
      The story is followed by the previous one. The Queen Zhang (Liu Weizhen) who has gone to the general trend is struggling, trying to kidnap the pearl to marry the prince Li Wei. Li Wei exposes the empress of the empress in front of the emperor, and the queen eats the evil. With the help of Zhong Zhongchen Liang and Du Gujing Yao, Li Wei succeeded in rebellion. The Tang Dynasty was finally stable, and Li Wei, who had experienced great ups and downs, climbed to the throne and continued the glory of the Tang Dynasty. Judging from the information disclosed so far, the outcome will still end in tragedy.

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