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      All 10 EPs

      Kyôko Fukada
      Dean Fujioka Tatsuo
      Shohei Miura
      Shibata Mikako, 30, has been waiting for employment since her company closed six months ago. She is dating a young man who is going to college, but he just takes her as a cash machine, with no intention of serious love at all. In the worst shape of her life, she almost has nothing to eat. At this time, she meets Kurosawa Ayumi, her boss of former company. She is taken by Kurosawa like a stray cat to a coffee shop that is about to open. Although Kurosawa is tall and handsome, he got a venomous tongue that can kill people. Mikako works there with great caution. But at the same time, she doesn not forget to find another job to get rid of her former boss. During this period, she learned about Kurosawa's little-known past. Her long-awaited love quitely is coming quietly...

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