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      Boss & Me

      2014|Mainland,China|All 33 EPs|Romance · Story
      Chun Chieh Liu
      Hans Zhang
      Zhao Liying
      Anne Shi
      Shanshan, who is kind by nature, is recruited into Fengteng Company because of her rare blood type. Even so, Shanshan has not forgotten her original intention and has been struggling! After the blood transfusion for the president Feng Teng's sister, Shanshan is rewarded with pork liver rice. And gradually she becomes Feng Teng's exclusive dish picker. Feng Teng changes his way to torture Shanshan, and Shanshan rebels for several times, but she loses to Feng Teng every time. Later, Feng Teng's childhood friend, Li Shu, returns home from abroad. Li Shu expresses her affection to Feng Teng, and begins to compete with Shanshan. Feng Teng’s good friend, Zheng Qi, has to help Li Shu to cope with Shanshan because he falls in love with Li Shu. Under such circumstance, the two instead confirm their determination to be together. Through all kinds of obstacles, Shanshan and Feng Teng become lovers in the end. At the same time, through continuous effort, Shanshan also bears fruit in her career and fulfills her dream!

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