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      Lawrence Wong Hao Xu Wu Haoze Bai Xinyi Ni Hanjin
      Wen Xiaonuan, a graduate of the performance department, has devoted all her efforts to producing her own excellent work. To restart the project, she asks a well-known film and TV investor for help. Her optimistic, positive, humorous and strong character has brought color to Ye Feimo’s dull life. He is gradually attracted by Wen Xiaonuan. And Ye Feimo also makes her understand that she must be responsible for every project to be presented to the audience, and work at it with great care like a craftsman. Only in this way can she make good works. She perseveres in the face of difficulties. At the critical moment, Ye Feimo helps her overcome many difficulties. They work together to complete the project which wins market recognition with its excellent quality. They also become partners and are determined to contribute to the development of Chinese films.

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