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      My Sassy Guys

      Actor: SeanJindachot Pattarasaya Kreursuwansiri Saksit Vejsupaporn
      Yangmi returns to Thailand because She broke up with Chen An,her Thai/Chinese boyfriend.During her trip,she also met Danthai,a handsome photographer,whom she'sstories togeter.when they were both back to Thailand,they scared him through lots ofhappened to be neigbors in the same condominium,and even happened to be neigbors in the same condominium,and even working at the same office.She found out later that he's not a straight guy,but a Y type of guy.However,their friendship began to get more and more intimate.Until one day,Chen An came back to Yangmi.He suffers a memory loss illness from an accident.He couldn't recall many things in his life,but the only thing that couldn't be deleted from him was that Yangmi is his love,What to do when the ex-boyfriend is making a comeback while a new love begins to take shape ?

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