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      Don't Say No

      Actor: Phachara Suansri Chalongrat Novsamrong Chisanupong paungmanee Pongsapak Rachaporn
      From friend to lover. This is a story of the 10-year friendship between “Leo” and “Fiat”. Although they are close friends since childhood, they hesitate to change their status. However, Leo feels worried about Fiat that may be in relationship with others. So, he makes a big decision with support from his basketball friends to admit he loves him. That’s not a happy ending, but just a beginning. The ex-lover, third person, family member and friends are waiting for them to handle. Even many difficulties, Leo will always be by Fait’s side again. “When hearts are close to each other”, Leo will not say No to Fiat. Watch their friend-to-lover story in “Don’t Say No The Series”

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