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      Snake Move

      Karen Huang Zheng Yueyue Qiao Weixin Wang Zhaohuang Xu Shiao
      There is an active armed mercenary team in the indepopulated zone, Golden Delta, Southeast Asia, which is dedicated to protecting employers and rescuing hostages. One day, Daddy received a call from his old friend “Mr. Ying, the merchant” and his mercenary is asked to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Ying Duo’er. The five-person team led by Daddy successfully rescues Ying Duo’er from the drug dealer "Kunpa", but has an accident when handing her over to Mr. Ying. Mr. Ying and his daughter are kidnapped again and are grilled about the whereabouts of their property. Nazhan successfully rescues Mr. Ying and Ying Duo’er later but it turns out there is another trap behind it.

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