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      To Love, To Save

      Aktor: Cindy Sun Lu Hong Zhang Tianyang YuWang Xia Lingxi
      Bai Suzhen, a millennium-old white snake, instructed by Avalokitesvara after she failed the retribution, comes to the mortal world to find her love. Song Ye, a demon, claims he and Bai Suzhen had an engagement a millennium ago, and Scholar Xu Xian falls for her at first sight. In two minds, she marries Xu Xian to save his life. Fahai, a monk of Jinshan Temple with his conviction that humans and demons take different ways, strongly objects to it and tries all means to separate them. However, he saves Bai Suzhen in a life-and-death crisis. Physical wounds, memory loss and the pain of childbirth give Bai Suzhen a spiritual awakening. Eventually, Bai gives her life for the safety of all.