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      Home Temptation

      2011|Mainland,China|All 33 EPs|Romance · Family · Story
      Choo Ja Hyun
      Ling Xiaosu
      Lei Jiayin
      Rain Li
      Chi Shuai
      Everyone thinks Lin Pinru and Hong Shixian are an enviable couple but something things are different from what people think. As the time goes by, the passion and romantic feeling are fading away and replaced by many problems. Pinru is blamed by her mother-in-law because she fails to get pregnant all the time and the daily life is also really hard. At the same time, Ai Li, Pinru’s bestie, comes back from France with a little kid named Shang En who turns out to be Shixian’s son. To get back the lost relationship, Ai Li starts a war towards her bestie.

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