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      You're My Sky

      All 13 EPs

      Chayapat Kongsub
      Kritsanapong SriphattiyaThanat
      Kananat Yansukon
      Kananat Yansukon
      Sports are always accompanied by competitions, so the Academy of Physical Education has become the center of competitions.Athletes come here with the hope of attaining the highest honor as athletes.Unfortunately, not everyone can be a winner. And no one notices that in a corner of this "battlefield", there are seven young children who are trying to grow up. They are working hand in hand with the dream of winning the championship.However, on the way to achieving their dreams, their hands are slowly loosening.When they want to protect the most important people in their lives, their dreams are flying away. Is it true that love is the biggest obstacle on the way to becoming a successful athlete?

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