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      The Brightest Star in the Sky

      All 44 EPs

      Tao Huang Wu Qian Niu Junfeng Cao Xiyue Xiao Liujia David Chen Qin Lan Emotion Cheung Wang Jinsong Wei Daxun Zhao Yihuan
      "Star Entertainment" is China's top entertainment company. Boss Chen Tianhao and Du Wanqing used to be a loving couple but now they are in marriage crisis because of their different business philosophy of the company. Yang Zhenzhen, who loves music, joined "Star Entertainment" and became the assistant of Zheng Boxu, a popular singer. Zheng Boxu is an idol singer, and he is arrogant and unruly. Yang Zhenzhen gets to know Zheng Boxu gradually in his relationship, helps him to correct his shortcomings, develop his strengths, and finally becomes a singer with real strength. Yang Zhenzhen herself has also changed from a rookie in the workplace to a mature agent. Du Wanqing starts to focus on Yu Zirui, a newbie. Yu Zirui's inborn musical talent puts great pressure on Zheng Boxu, and at the same time, it becomes his driving force to keep forging ahead. These young people who love music encourage each other on the road of youth, break through the limits, and look for their own life direction. After experiencing a lot of difficulties and challenges, they all embrace the harvest of career and love.

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