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      Our Glamorous Time

      Actor: Zhao Liying JinHan CaoXiWen YuHaoMing MengRui LinYuan ZhangJunNing LiuFanFei
      Because the family business encounters difficulties in operation, Li Zhi Cheng was appointed in danger and became the head of an enterprise. Because Li Zhi Cheng has no business experience at all, So both of inside and outside the company are not optimistic about him. Lin Qian is a very honest and kind-hearted woman, relying on her career experience and ideal pursuit, giving great help to Li Zhi Cheng. He will use his own wisdom and unique methods to the actual operation of the enterprise, so that the enterprise step by step toward brilliance. By the way, He and Lin Qian also met, knew and loved each other in the process. At this time, foreign-funded enterprises have also seen the company's lucrative profits and development prospects. So, they offered high-volume acquisitions. Li Zhi Cheng rejected the acquisition, but focused on product quality, creativity and corporate image. Eventually, they made the enterprise step by step to the world, and love each other.