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      Get Married

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      Actor: YixinTang QiuXinzhi SunYaoqi HeMinghan
      In the nine years of Daming Wanli, the "New Party Blend" event was held in Hangzhou. Dong Qichang and Chen Jiru went to Hangzhou to find a friend Jiang Huaiyi. On the way, the robbers were rescued by Lin Tiansu. During the event, Dong Qichang and Lin Tiansu's girlfriend Yang Yunyou saw that they had to succeed each other, but they were taken away by the people in Tuen Mun. When Dong Qichang learned that Yang Yunyou’s true identity was “slim horse”, his feelings were frustrated. Yang Yunyou was forced to leave home. The younger brother who met Dong Qichang’s half-brother in the road was empty. It was empty to see Yang Yunyou’s beauty and Dong Qichang’s lover’s heart was mourning. It was empty to find the street gangster Huang Tianjian posing as Dong Qichang and Yang Yunyou. Failure, is empty and hateful, chasing the Beijing kidnapping Yang Yunyou is not a defendant to the capital city of Tuen Mun. Dong Qichang came to Beijing to be employed by Zhang Juzheng's daughter Zhang Xizhen. Zhang Xizhen saw Dong Qichang's only Yang Yunyou in his heart. In desperation, the collusion was to chase Yang Yunyou. After Yang Yunyou learned about Zhang Xizheng, in order to protect Dong Qichang, he decided to marry and let Dong Qichang die. It was empty to catch up with Hangzhou to prepare explosives to kill all the people who had been killed by Dong Qichang. Dong Qichang and Yang Yunyou and others had a happy ending.