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      Love in the Moonlight

      All 18 EPs

      ParkBo-Gum KimYouJung Jung Jin Young Chae Soo-Bin GwakDongYeon JungHyeSung
      Can a disguise be an obstacle to true love? Hong Ra-on is a young woman during the Joseon Dynasty who disguises herself as a man named Sam Nom to support herself by ghostwriting and giving relationship advice to lovelorn men. A love letter that Ra-on writes for a client brings her in contact with Lee Yeong, the Crown Prince. Through a series of events, Ra-on gets sold into the Royal Palace as a eunuch and soon becomes embroiled in a political power struggle of the Royal Family and the Ministers.Can Lee Yeong fight the power-hungry ministers to claim his rightful place in history? And how will he deal with his emerging feelings for Ra-on, whom he believes is a male eunuch?

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