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      Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

      All 8 EPs

      Kang In Soo Se-jin Lee Jang Eui SU
      The bride was a man at a wedding ceremony consisting of family politics? Ho-sun looks perfect like the best groom on the outside, but he's too kind and weak-minded. On behalf of his sister, who disappeared before the wedding because she hated political marriage, Ki-wan has to perform a bride's role until he finds her. Tae-hyung falls in love with Ki-wan, Ho-sun’s wife, at first sight when he happened to see him at Ho-sun's house. The rough honeymoon of Ho-sun and Ki-wan begins... Unlike today, when people see each other's faces, they often get married without seeing their partner, who they had to live with for the rest of their lives. That's why you can't tell even if you change your partner, but he's a man! The story tries to portray the comedy of their newlywed life, and the heartrending feelings for each other.

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