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      16 एपिसोड

      Yeo Jin Goo
      Pyo Ji-Hoon
      Kim Soo Hyun
      It tells the story that an elite hotel manager runs the Moon Hotel with a gorgeous but solitary boss due to a destined event. IU (Lee Ji Eun) will play the part of the boss, Jang Man Wol. She has been tied to the Moon Hotel for long years owing to committing a felony, killing boring and trivial time in the hotel.She is proud and beautiful, but her character is extremely solitary. She is greedy, fickle, and is interested in manipulations. Yeo Jin Goo will play the part of the elite hotel manager, Ju Cancheng. He is a perfectionist with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), mysophobia, and paranoid. Although he is seemingly sensible and calm, actually he also has a fragile side. He has strict requirements on himself. By creating his perfect job resume, he becomes the youngest second in command of a multinational hotel group. Due to some unexpected reason, he comes to the Moon Hotel to receive ghosts.

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