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      Tencent Video All Star Night 2020

      WeTV Only
      An all star entertainment event with a dazzling stage, a 12 hours of uninterrupted live broadcast, a full fan-service with top-degree carnival formed by hundreds of artists, a doki hot stage where fans can enjoy close-up performances from idols, and a witness of all star artists on red carpet. All Star Night, a shining moment of honor.

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      The fitness room becomes a disco.

      The Untamed Fan Meeting in Thailand

      The Untamed Fan Meeting in Thailand


      CHUANG 2020

      CHUANG 2020's fun previews


      Heart Signal S2

      Visitors Super-high Face Startled Observation Mission

      The Untamed Chinese Style Concert

      Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo performance on the same stage


      One More Try

      Wang Yibo takes you to unlock the strongest way to open youth

      WeTV Only

      2021 Tencent Video 10th Anniversary

      red carpet, catwalks, and performances


      Let Go of My Baby

      Ray Ma, Neo Hou, Jim Yu, Henry are becoming to nursing father