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      Ever Night


      ChenFeiYu SongYiRen YuanBingYan Zoey Meng SunZuJun HuJun nursery rhyme ChenZhen Dylan Kuo NiDaHong Shih-ChiehKing ZhengShaoQiu LiMing
      "There is a rumor in the world.: When Yong Ye is coming, the world will be catastrophic. Ning Que brought his little maid Sang Sang to the capital in order to make a clear case of his own injustice. After unremitting efforts, he was admitted to the Academy of the Supreme College. He took up the task of helping the country. It is an important task to protect the people And successfully become a family redress. Ning Que take Sang Sang went to see a doctor, Sang Sang suffering from a strange disease. But He was found that Sangsang was the carrier of YongYe's descent. For a time, she became the target of the world's pursuit. In order to protect Sangsang, they wandered around the world, but found that it was the worship of Hao Tian that made Sangsang's cruel fate. Hao Tian was the black hand behind the Yong Ye. Sangsang is controlled by Haotian and launched the Yong Ye catastrophe. Ning Que and Hao Tian fought to death, and eventually won, wiped out Haotian and recovered Sangsang. From then on, there will be no more Yong Ye, and peace will be restored. Ning Que and Sangsang will be happy together at last. "

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      롼징톈, 탐험단을 이끌고 궁지 탈출하기


      Four policewomen reveal the truth of the cold case


      방이륜, 릉미사가 펼치는 코믹 로맨스


      판웨밍 버전 후바이의 새로운 모험


      Yang Zixiao Zhan performs youth in screen for the first time

      휠체어 탄 CEO의 사랑 이야기

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      updated to 7

      Galaxy adventure, bloody battle on debris!


      The clever girl saves the cold faced emperor.



      WeTV Only

      "Dream-catching drummer " Shi Zixun is full of charm.