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      AustinLin HaofeiLi JunjieHuang U.linHuang
      It tells the story of the cartoonist He Jie who goes through his own comic book "Crystal Love" to save his female partner's love story. As the leading lady in the comic book Crystal Love, Huang Yilin's Pei Encai is a fantasy figure, which conforms to every boy's fantasy. In comics, it is official CP with hero, Yuan Cheng, but because of the way of solving it, the rhythm of all stories is disrupted. Pei Encai began to wonder if he really loved Yuan Cheng after he had gone crazy in pursuit of the hero. After unloading the woman's aura, Pei Encai became a "female man". Instead, a series of actions surprised the princess who thought she was the source of her illness, and began to like her, and the final outcome of how people wait and see.

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      당문에 가입한 일, 이번 생에는 절대 후회하지 않으리

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      An “ugly duckling” transforms into a gorgeous medical consort.

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      인류의 진화만이 유일한 해답이다

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