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      The Oath of Love (Thai Ver.)

      Yang Zi Xiao Zhan
      Lin Zhixiao, who is about to graduate as a senior, fell to the bottom of her life before graduation. Her father was hospitalized with cancer so that she had to give up her job opportunities in other famous enterprises and break up with her boyfriend. All the good imagination about love and future life were broken at this moment. At that moment, Gu Wei, the doctor in charge of her father, entered the life of Lin Zhixiao. At the beginning of love, we often don't know that it's love. Both of them have been hurt in love and don't believe in love. We met, known and loved each other step by step. they've had doubts and waves, misunderstandings and the bottom in their life time. But in the process of love, the two people increasingly feel that each other is the one who can entrust the rest of their lives.

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