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      In Time With You

      Total 20 EP

      ArakAmornsupasiri MonchanokSaengchaipiangpen Chin Chinawut Indracusin Nachjaree Horvejkul Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree
      Confidence, beauty and fashion are the labels of Pimchanok and her straightforwardness and kindness make her special from others. Despite passing years, she is still proud of attracting men’s attention. This pride comes not only from her heart, but also from her successful career as a manager of Shoe Section in a department store. But this pride also makes her single and lonely for she thinks men are foolish until she turns 30. She made a deal with Thanapon who is a ground supervisor in an airline company that whoever can get married before 35 will give 100 thousand to the other. They all dated different people but still cannot find the right one. Actually, Thanapon had been having crush on Pimchanok since childhood, but he doesn’t dare to tell her. Will he remain the friendship with no future or break the barrier and pursue her?

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