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      Lost You Forever S1

      2023|Mainland,China|39 episodios|Romance · Traditional Costume · Fantasy
      Zoe QinDirector
      NombreZoe Qin
      Fecha de nacimiento--
      Yang HuanDirector
      NombreYang Huan
      Fecha de nacimiento1982-08-04
      यांग ज़ीActor
      Nombreयांग ज़ी
      Fecha de nacimiento1992-11-06
      Obras recomendadas
      Go Fridge S5Go Fridge S5
      Great MarriageGreat Marriage
      The Oath of LoveThe Oath of Love
      Zhang WanyiActor
      NombreZhang Wanyi
      Fecha de nacimiento1994-04-22
      Obras recomendadas
      A Long Way HomeA Long Way Home
      长相思2 Express Plus花絮礼包长相思2 Express Plus花絮礼包
      Lost You Forever S1 (Special Edition)Lost You Forever S1 (Special Edition)
      Deng WeiActor
      NombreDeng Wei
      Fecha de nacimiento1995-02-26
      Obras recomendadas
      Lost You Forever S2 (English Ver.)Lost You Forever S2 (English Ver.)
      Lost You Forever S1Lost You Forever S1
      I Am The Years You Are The StarsI Am The Years You Are The Stars

      In ancient times, people, gods, and demons coexisted with each other, with three ruling Kingdoms, Xiyan, Chenrong, and Haoling. Emperor Xuanyuan who was the ruler of the three kingdoms suddenly died, yet managed to hide his daughter named Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao grew up to be a smart and kind woman. When she went acress the deep forest, a tragedy happened to her. She then lost her identity and her real apperance. She stayed in Qing Shui city, disguised as a guy named Wen Xiaoliu working as a physician. One time, Xiao Liu accidentaly saved Tu Shanjing, the ruler heir of Tu Shan clan. She also met a nine-headed demon named Xiang Liu. Furthermore, she met Xuan Yuan Qiang Xuan who was in the midst of looking for her. Fate has brought everyone together in Qing Shui, but what does this all mean for Xiao Yao?

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