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      The Journey to Find True Love

      2024|Mainland,China|30 एपिसोड|Comedy · Romance · Story
      Chen Haoming
      झू जिजी
      Zhao Xue
      Bboy Keven
      Guan Xiangyun
      Shi Yanan
      Zhao Xilin
      Li Fankai

      Zhou Mo, a 32-year-old vice president of a social software company, is seen as an independent and confident modern woman by her colleagues. To her best friends, she's a little girl with a strong sense of self-worth; and to her boss, she is a capable yet troublesome assistant. However, love doesn't seem to flow as smoothly for her. She meets Jiang Qi, a sweet man much younger than her; Yu Dazhi, a male chauvinist businessman; and Xia Yu, her minimalist ex. Love, perhaps, is like that: meeting the right person at the wrong time, and the wrong person at the right time. Despite her stumbling journey, she continues to fight through the battlegrounds of love and life. Is marriage a necessity to safeguard love? Is it correct to love someone without the purpose of marriage? What is the true reason for getting married, and is it possible not to marry at all? Can love really not be controlled? Even if she must constantly face challenges, she still wants to find the answers.

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