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      Nirvana in Fire

      2015|Mainland,China|All 54 EPs|Traditional Costume · Story
      Tamia Liu
      Wang Kai
      Dylan Chen
      Victor Huang
      Jin Dong
      Gao Xin
      Leo Wu

      Twelve years ago, the 70,000 Chiyan Army was annihilated in Meiling, and only Marshal Lin Shu survived. Twelve years later, Lin Shu changes his appearance and becomes the "divine talent", Mei Changsu. He establishes Jiangzuo Alliance, and returns to the imperial capital as the first one in the Langya List. Mei Changsu bears a bloody hatred and secretly helps his former good friend Prince Jing against Prince Yu and the Crown Prince. He also meets his former fiancee, Mu Nihuang, the princess of Yunnan, but cannot be known by her. In order to right the wrong and revitalize the country, Mei Changsu exposes his frail build to more risks in the way of making Lord Jing the Emperor.

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