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      SKY Castle

      South Korea|All 20 EPs|Story
      Yeom Jeong-Ah
      Lee Tae Ran
      Yoon Se A
      Seo-hyeong Kim
      Jeong Jun ho
      Kim Hye Yoon
      Oh NaRa
      This series is a brand-new satire. The Sky Castle is a place where the top 0.1% of South Korea's population lives. Housewives here graduated from top universities and regard their husbands as kings. They also hope to make their children become unparalleled princes and princesses and have their own struggles due to their various desires. Yum Jungah plays Han Seojin. She handles her two daughters' educational issues as well as her role as a wife perfectly well. In Sky Castle, she is also a high-profile queen. However, Seojin actually has a secret. Lee Taeran plays Lee Sooim, a caring and emotional fairy-tale writer. Because of Seojin, she became the public enemy of the queens in Sky Castle. But thanks to the help of her smart son, she becomes the new queen, and even discovers Seojin's secret afterward; Yoon Seah plays No Seunghye, who goes back to being a housewife after getting her Ph.D. She had a strict upbringing and has always been a good girl, but her heart is overflowing with evilness and desires. Oh Nara plays the passionate and cute shopaholic Jin Jinhee. Since her father owns real estate properties, she has always lived a prestigious life since childhood. She regards Han Seojin as a role model and is busy learning her every move.

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