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      My Ride

      2022|Thailand|All 10 EPs|Romance · Comedy
      Saroch Nuamsamran
      Pongsakorn Wongpian
      Chawinroj Likitcharoensakul
      Tawanoak is an unremarkable physician. One day, he happened to meet Por, the man he had a crush on when on campus, who is now a dentist. Accidentally and gradually, the two of them fell in love... Mok, a vocational school student from Chumphon, came to Bangkok to stay with his girlfriend, and became a motorcycle-taxi driver so that he could financially support her study. However, Mok later found out that his girlfriend betrayed him. After breaking up, Mok decided not to be in love with anyone for the rest of his life. A coincidence brought these two men together. Though both of them are as ordinary as pedestrians on the road, it is this ordinariness that makes it easier for us to understand and appreciate the love between them. How did a motorcycle-taxi driver and a passenger go from friends to lovers? Let's find the answer in the series "My Ride"!

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