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      Miss Fang's Love Secrets

      2023|Mainland,China|All 22 EPs|Romance · Fantasy
      Wang Yijin
      Zhang Jingyun
      Xie Zhixun

      While working overtime, Fang Ximu, a programmer for the romance game "Secret Relations," accidentally gets into the game as an NPC who could be logged off at any moment. To save her life, she must first win over the male lead of the game, Bai Haotian, by completing the main romance quests. Fang Ximu, who is an expert in love but remains a lifelong single, is up against the so-called "ultimate dream guy" of every girl, the very charming CEO . Who will outmaneuver with their tactics? Hard mode is activated, and the only rule for survival is clear — only by "stealing hearts" can one stay alive. It's time to show some real skills...

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