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      All 0 EPs

      Rizal Mantovani
      Tissa Biani
      Rebecca Klopper
      Syifa Hadju
      Nicho Bryant
      Amanda Manopo
      Sonia Alyssa
      Maura Gabrielle
      Yessi Kenyang
      A collection of mini movie compilation directed by Rizal Mantovani. In 9 episodes, MALAPATAKA tells the tales of the danger lurking for people who belittled the mystical beliefs in society. Inspired by real life stories, MALAPATAKA serves gut-wrenching horror in each of its' 7-minutes episodes, which are: Room Number 4, The Reflection, I Wish, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, The Box, Unknown Caller, 10 PM, Dayu Datu and Invitation.

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