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      Fall In Love In The Book

      2022|Mainland,China|22 एपिसोड|Romance · Fantasy
      Zhou Chengyiअभिनेता
      नाम।Zhou Chengyi
      जन्म की तिथि।--
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      Fall In Love In The BookFall In Love In The Book
      My Fake WifeMy Fake Wife
      Guo Yikangअभिनेता
      नाम।Guo Yikang
      जन्म की तिथि।--
      अनुशंसित कार्य
      Fall In Love In The BookFall In Love In The Book

      Jiang Guoguo is a despondent but cute author whose novels are unsellable. By chance, she entered a popular Mary Sue novel and became a vicious female support in the book. In order to avoid the bad ending of her drowning after drunk, she decided to treat the characters in the play with pure heart and kindness instead of tricks and schemes. But it never crossed her mind that she would be actually in love with the big villain Gu Yanliang in the book and end up with happiness.

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