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      Joy of Life S2

      2024|Mainland,China|36 एपिसोड|Traditional Costume · Story
      रुययुन झांग
      ली किन
      चेन डाओ मिंग
      वू गंग
      Tian Yu
      ली ज़ियाओरान
      Faye Yu
      राहेल माओ
      गुओ किलिन
      यी गीत
      ज़लीली ज़िन
      Ning Li
      Liu Duanduan
      Zhang Haowei
      BoBo (band)
      Gao Shuguang
      Karina Zhao
      Yu Yang
      Li Qiang
      Liu Hua
      Tong Mengshi
      गु जीफ़ान
      Gina Jin
      Wang Churan
      गौ लू
      Sui Junbo
      Kuei Ya Lei
        Yu Ailei
      Bi Yanjun
      Wu Xingjian
      वांग किंग्ज़ियांग
      Xu Zhisheng

      It tells the story of a mysterious young man, Fan Xian, who has been tested and tempered by his family, times, and royal court. He adheres to justice and goodness, starts a new journey of life, and continues to write this unusual and delightful legend of life. The story is rooted in the traditional culture but goes beyond the traditional historical novels. It's a masterpiece that combines oriental classical charm with a modern sense, being committed to promoting the treasure of the wonderfulness, and the traditional Chinese values and virtues of staying true to the original aspiration. "Joy of Life S2" is glad to meet you again.

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