Last episodeBlooper
EP1(Part1): Theme song of mentors' performance is released! Who can stand out among the 101 girls?
EP1(Part2): Team assessment! Girls in back seats launch a challenge, and who can stand out?
EP2(Part1): The last stand! Girls compete for the last chosen priority trainee.
EP2(Part2): Meng Meiqi and Vin Zhou pay a surprise visit. The first center lead emerges in the theme song assessment!
EP3(Part1): 101 Girls' first competitive performance! Kris Wu and Lu Han dance in the same stage.
EP3(Part2): The first competition is so exciting with battle leaded by mentors! A mysterious girl group shows up!
EP4(Part1): Girls are having a lot of fun in the small theater of contrast!The first ranking is about to released.
EP4(Part2): The ranking is realised with 55 trainees rising in! 3 guest trainees come back to the stage.
EP5(Part 1): The second stage performance! Who will impress the founders and win the vote?
EP5(Part 2): The second stage performance! Who will impress the founders and win the vote?
EP6(Part1): CHUANG's "talk show" with trainees spitsloting mentors together! Curley, Chen Zhuoxuan and Nene outright respond to the questioning.
EP6(Part2): Girls' first road show! Curley and Nene challenge high-level dance. Zhao Yue and Xu Yiyang sing the Summer Wind.
EP7(Part1): Chefs from Go Fridge show up and lead trainees to PK cooking skills! Girls cry their eyes out in the farewell eve.
EP7(Part 2): Who was the top one in the Second ranking? Preparing the performance, the centers finished grouping.
EP8(Part1): Seniors root for girls! Here are the Frozen stage of Leon Zhang and Curley, rap of P.O.I Ren and Zhao Yue, funny singing and dancing of Darren Wang and Liu Xie'ning.
EP8(Part2): Seniors show up in the stage performance! Ryan Ding's lifting Nene's veil is so beautiful. Aarif Lee and Wang Yijin sing together. Patrick Shih works together with Xu Yiyang.
EP9 (Part 1): Zhao Yue,Wang Yijin and Curly Gao make their stunning appearance on the red carpet! Parents' presence makes girls burst into tears
EP9(Part2): The third ranking is realised! Zhao Yue, Curley and Wang Yijin run for the center position. Top 15 are heading for the final.
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