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CHUANG Inside EP39: The Big Math Test! Zhai Xiaowen and Dai Jingyao accuse that is very difficult and they act as a spoiled child
CHUANG Inside EP38: Who is the king of children? Gao Jialang and Peng Chuyue was always out of state when they were asked the Catch Phrase
CHUANG Inside EP37: Who is the king of courage? Coming to see the show of Zhang Yuan and Lu Siheng "slap in the face"
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CHUANG Inside EP34: Rolling your body,boys! Xia Zhiguang and YuChengen shared the experience of practicing dancing
CHUANG Inside EP33: Battle for beds! Yan Xujia and Feng Chuxuan wear pajamas and roll the quilt wildly
CHUANG Inside EP32: Who's the dance undercover?
CHUANG Inside EP31: Escaping from the restaurant! Zhou Zhennan and He Luoluo eat strange food crazily
CHUANG Inside EP30:Super-Weird pose PK! The most funny thing is that Zhang Yanqi and Cui Shaoyang standing on one foot as the cock does
CHUANG Inside EP29: Game King of CHUANG?Yan Xujia take you to see what are the boys playing!
CHUANG Inside EP28:What are you thinking? Zhou Zhennan says that he want to stay in a same team with Yao Chen when they have public performance
CHUANG Inside EP27: Break Dance Open!
CHUANG Inside EP26: Mutual praise contest
CHUANG Inside EP25: The hot pot is coming!
CHUANG Inside EP24: Smile test! All members study He Luoluo "lesion" performance
CHUANG Inside EP23: Music show
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CHUANG Inside EP8: They opened the backpack to show everyone what was in it. Zhang Yuan took Chinese wolfberry and foot wash basin to camp!!
CHUANG Inside EP7: He Luoluo takes you to reveal the secret of dormitory life!
CHUANG Inside EP6: Zhou Zhennan turn into a Caterpillar, Hu Haofan can't imitate well. It's too difficult.
CHUANG Inside EP5: Xia Zhiguang designed a wonderful clothing, and Si Zheng look like a male model!
CHUANG Inside: They showed painting skills, Niu Chao and Ma Xueyang are so excellent in this way!
CHUANG Inside EP3: The magic spin around made everyone laughing so hard
CHUANG Inside EP2: The boys got together in the gym! which one of them who is the strongest boy?
CHUANG Inside EP1: The boys reveal a secret of their long legs, So amazing!
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