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      Crime Crackdown

      Sun Honglei Lay Zhang Liu Yijun Wu Yue Gao Jicai Peng Guanying James Li Jiang Shuying
      Frontline criminal police Li Chengyang, being framed by evil forces and blocked by their protective umbrellas including his immediate superior and the chief of the public security bureau to carry out his investigation, is thrown into jail. Under the instruction and leadership of the CPC Political and Legislative Affairs Committee and the Central Supervision Group, he regains freedom and cooperates with various departments of the public security organs to wipe out the two evil forces that were entrenched in Zhongjiang city for more than ten years, and bring their protective umbrellas and the gangrenous government officials to justice, giving back a clean political ecology to Zhongjiang and a clear social environment to the people there.

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