CHUANG 2021: Vlog

CHUANG 2021: Vlog
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Vlog Santa: A dancing class! Santa studies Chinese and shows his Chinese book
Vlog Bo Yuan: Cook fried rice with egg and peppers and see who can bear it
Li Jiaxiang's Vlog: He tries to play "Gone With The Bullets", good performance
Rikimaru's Vlog: Rikimaru can remake "Call Out My Name" on the spot
Han Peiquan's Vlog: Learning boy group skills, Han Mei Juan is online
Hu Yetao's Vlog: Hu Yetao is a delicate boy with his makeup skills
Yu Gengyin's Vlog: Mr. Frog gives himself a challenge
Liu Yu's Vlog: Traditional boy goes to learn rapping? He is good at rhyming
Yu Yang's Vlog: Yu Yang showed his skill of fooling and produced the Song of Babaka
Vlog Lin Mo: A sacrifice for art! Look at Lin Mo's hilarious image
Vlog Oscar: Turning Spicy Girl into rap, Oscar became a publicity ambassador of mandarin
Lin Mo's Vlog: The "Grumpy" Director is Here. Check out the "Fancy Car" on the Road
Ren Yinpeng's Vlog: Let Me Show You Guys My Girl Group Dance and Cheesy Sweet Words in Japanese
Kazuma's Vlog: Indulging in My Original Chinese Song. I'm also Good at Table Tennis
Liu Yu's Vlog: Folk Dances of Chinese Minorities and Hula-hula
Wu Yuheng's Vlog: Hear Me Sing "Love, Forever on Call". I'm from Sichuan I Crave for Spice!
Rikimaru's Vlog: My Diet Diary and How I Learn Beijing Dialect Super Fast
Caelan's Vlog: Got Myself a "Father" When Learning Chinese? Here's My Unique Way of Mic Testing
Mika's Vlog: Listen to My Singing and Guitar Playing. This is how I Get My Kiwi-like Haircut
Zhang Jiayuan's Vlog: Dramatic Comedian VS Cool Guy in Real Life
Nuo Yan's Vlog: Tips for You to Get Points in Honor of Kings. He Worked So Hard on the High Pitch
Santa's Vlog: Birthday Celebration in Camp. Santa Made Picnic Food Himself
Liu Yu's Vlog: Hear Me Sing the Theme Song in Anhui Dialect and Let's Go Shopping Together
Santa's Vlog: Got the Key to Imitate Other Trainees in the Acting Class
Rikimaru's Vlog: The Jocker is Here with His Hilarious "Prank Dance"
Lin Mo's Vlog: A Homophonic Pun from Me, the Dashing Boy. I'm a Comedian and a Charming Poet
Hu Yetao's Vlog: Vlog Beverage Shop is Opening! I'll Share With You My Experience as a Worker Once
Zhang Xingte's Vlog: Back to the Childhood! Watch Me Play Hide-and-seek With a Cute Hairstyle
Caelan's Vlog: Best-designed T-shirts for Other Trainees by Me, the Little Artist
Nine's Vlog: Little Nine Learned the Traditional Chinese Instrument and Drama Earnestly
He Yifan's Vlog: Collect Unique Tenor and Bass Voices to Make a Solo MV
Gan Wangxing's Vlog: Getting a Makeup Like Superstars; Re-shooting the Classic Works
Mika's Vlog: Remake the MV and Unlock a Secret Base. Listen to me speaking Northeastern Mandarin
Liu Yu's Vlog: Imitation of Characters of Chang Jiang Qi Hao; How to Control Facial Expressions When Having Lemon
Rikimaru's Vlog: Finding Confidence by Launching Plan "Invisible Man in Canteen". Singing Cantonese Song So Nicely
Hiroto's Vlog: Getting Dumb in Writing Rap Lyrics. Brother Lucky Likes who the Best in the Camp
Ren Yinpeng's Vlog: Get the "Floor Move" Done in the Big White Goose Costume. Share His Feelings About Joining the Show
Wu Yuheng's Vlog: Being a Rapper, From Rookie to Expert. Become Cooler in Hip-hop Style Clothes Without Bang
Bo Yuan's Vlog: How to be Better in a Day. Share With You His Experience
Zhang Teng's Vlog: A Comedian who is Good at Singing, Write New Rap Lyrics to Showcase Creativity
Lin Mo's Vlog: I Can Provide All Kinds of Servce, Like Putting You to Sleep or Amusing You.
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: Become a Waiter in Canteen; Change Outfits in "Wholesale Market of Haihua Island"
Santa's Vlog: Deliver "Magic of Happiness" by Doing Magic, Yet Got Challenged by "Cheesy Magic"
Amu's Vlog: Kungfu Club is Established. Let's Shoot a Kumgfu Movie Together
Mika's Vlog: Mika exhibits the notebook of trainees' memory and calls the fans by their names cutely
Patrick's Vlog: Touching stories behind the cute photos. Let's create new memories
Lin Mo's Vlog: A ban on being handsome! Will Lin Mo get "arrested" for his dashing appearance?
Santa's Vlog: The alternate Santa Claus is here! Santa writes touching letters in Chinese for other trainees
Liu Yu's Vlog: Where does he confess his feelings for other trainees? The tricky gameplayer is here
Liu Zhang's Vlog: A famous scene of the Werewolf game! The "goblin" in Haihua Island learns dancing
Oscar's Vlog: Make delicious Bingfen jelly on the set. Oscar's Ear Cleaning Shop is open for business!
Hiroto's Vlog: Brother Lucky becomes Big Brother Lucky? "Big Brother" also has to do homework
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: Playing Chicken vs Eagle and pleading for relaxing the rules, he used "Black Magic" to fool others
Zhang Jiayuan's Vlog: Sneak out of the camp for some earth to grow shallot. The Mosquitoes Elimination plan begins
Lelush's Vlog: How to make a classic hairstyle? Let's learn Lelush's famous lines about "off duty" in Chinese
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: A Heartwarming Surprise for Friends - He's Here with His Magic Game Again!
Liu Yu's Vlog: Transformed into AI Yu to Collect Human Emotions, Sharing His Long-lasting Makeup Tips as a "Ghost"
Rikimaru's Vlog: Rikimaru's Accent's Getting Weird Again; Check out His Passion for Violin and Guitar
Mika's Vlog: The Soft Opening of the Kitchen Totally Failed? Enjoying Making Hawaiian Desserts in the Kitchen
Santa's Vlog: Perfectly Mastered How to Unfurl His Hands like a Flower; Learning How to Sing Rap of "Feng Ding"
Patrick's Vlog: Invested a Lot to Bring the "Seaside" into CHUANG; Became a Bad Gamer When Playing "Stealing the Bacon" Game
Gan Wangxing's Vlog: Back on His Familiar Ground as a 'Ghost', Singing "Mercury Records" to the Founders
Nine's Vlog: Enjoying the Songkran Festival While Singing with a Smokey Makeup
Bo Yuan's Vlog: Welcome to Chuang Video Station FM211; Receiving the Examine to Meet Young People's Preference
Wu Hai's Vlog: Getting Into the Fashion Show as Elsa·Hai; The Dancing Champion From the Sea Floor Learning How to Play the Flute
Nuo Yan's Vlog: Listening to His Heart and Learning How to Improve His Language Skills, but Ended up with Flattering Each Other
Caelan's Vlog: Perform Plots of the Titanic of the version of CHUANG; Getting a Big Award for Adaptation?
Liu Yu's Vlog: "Super Fashionable" Styling Adventure With Eyes Blindfoled; New Challenge: Stare at Each Other With Water in Mouth
Zhang Jiayuan's Vlog: Imitatate Other Trainees in the "Acting Class" ; Dance to the Theme Song With a Wig
Rikimaru's Vlog: What's in My Mind When I Do the Choreography? Details of the Choreography of Joker
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: Collecting All Kinds of Emotion and Absorb Happiness; Sing Drowning Sorrow, So Gloomy
Mika's Vlog: Make a Promise to Play Mahjong in Sichuan; Study Chinese Traditional Long Sleeves and Fan Dance
Lin Mo's Vlog: Online Art Exhibition of Behavior Art; Flying a Kite in the Natatorium, So Relax
Patrick's Vlog: Create Look With Different Shades of Black; So Good at Chinese and Perform Comic Dialogue as Wisecracker
Bo Yuan: Claim to Love Mustard But Later Get Proved Otherwise; Share and Verify Things That People Know About CHUANG
Santa's Vlog: Here Starts the Mini Music Festival in the Camp! Film New Music Video for the Theme Song
Ren Yinpeng's Vlog: "Upgrade" the RYP New Product to Handle Multiple Styles; Handwrite Letter to Fans
Santa's Vlog: Recall All These Days in CHUANG 2021 with Class Division Name Tag; Send Easter Eggs to Founders as Gifts
Liu Yu's Vlog: Reproduce the Famous Scene "Confess Love in the Rest Room"; Sing a Classic Love Song Gently
Rikimaru's Vlog: Which Riki do You Like the Best? Customize the New Choreography for the Theme Song
Hiroto's Vlog: Make Hometown Specialty "Takoyaki"; Play So Well in the 1VS3 Soccer Game
Caelan's Vlog: Spoof Advertisements in Caelan's Show; Eat Pancakes with Leeks as Punishment in the Game
Gan Wangxing's Vlog: Make Dinner to Show Cooking Skills; So Delicious All Trainees Give High Praise
Mika's Vlog: Test Sync in Music by Listening to Zeng Hanjiang's Song; Blush when Studying Sexy Dance
Lin Mo's Vlog: Turn Himself into a Security Dreaming to be a Musical Performer; Open up and Share Things about Him
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: I'm Having a Stall in the Flee Market! Sing "Radio" Again Like a Street Singer
Zhang Xinyao's Vlog: Tell His Story by Singing Original Rap; Disco Dancing, His Unique Way to Relieve Stress
Bo Yuan's Vlog: Be a Time Traveller and Say Goodbye to CHUANG 2021; Sing "At the Cross Where Phoenix Flowers Bloom"
Liu Yu's Vlog: Look back on his Journey in CHUANG with Fans and Invite Friends to Draw on Them
Santa's Vlog: Share the Last Night in the Dorm; Sing "Farewell" in Chinese to Bid Farewell to Haihua Island in April
Rikimaru's Vlog: Make "Lucky Balls" to Pass on Luck; Look Forward to Meeting All of You in Other Places
Mika's Vlog: On the Debut Night with Laughters and Tears, What Does He Want to Say to His Good Friends the Most?
Nine's Vlog: Want to Order Take Outs Having the Mobile Phone Back; Chubby Kid Can Have All Kinds of Delicious Chinese Food Finally!
Lin Mo's Vlog: From Overly Noisy to Extremely Quiet, Dormmates Have Left but Stories Are Left
Bo Yuan's Vlog: Online Q&A with the "Representative of Fans"; Hope that the Future Is Full of Surprises
Zhang Jiayuan's Vlog: Dreams and Hopes Are Like Shallot One Has Planted; This is a Place Where People Mature
Patrick's Vlog: Feel So Secure in This Team; Eager to Find out about China after Leaving the Camp
Zhou Keyu's Vlog: See You and All the Best, My Friends! Appreciate the Courage and Confidence Originated from Fans' Support
Liu Zhang's Vlog: Life Is Still Full of Challenges after Happiness; Can't Wait to Start a New Chapter of Music and Performing
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