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      Joy of Life

      2019|Mainland,China|All 46 EPs|Traditional Costume · Story
      Zhang Ruoyun Actor
      NameZhang Ruoyun
      Date of birth1988-08-24
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      Li QinActor
      NameLi Qin
      Date of birth1990-09-27
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      Chen DaomingActor
      NameChen Daoming
      Date of birth1955-04-26
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      Wu GangActor
      NameWu Gang
      Date of birth1962-12-09
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      Li XiaoranActor
      NameLi Xiaoran
      Date of birth1976-05-08
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      Three-Body Anniversary EditionThree-Body Anniversary Edition

      When Fan Xian was fifteen years old , his father ——Fan Jian and the leader of Supervisory Ministry sent a master who was good at using poison and Kungfu to teach him. Four years later ,Fan Xian already have powerful Kungfu ,and his life was changed . In his adventure life ,with the help of friends who are full of justice, Fan Xian has gone through many difficulties and overcome all kinds of difficulties. In the process, He feasts on the warmth and coldness of the world, but he still follow his heart, firmly own ideal.

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