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      Sea of Greed

      Actor: TangSaksitTangtong PiyadaAkarasenee JespipatTilapornputt WannarotSonthichai AmikaKlinprathum
      Dujdao and Ekarin are rich owners of a hotel. One of their servants are Pavinee who wants to take all of their money everything they own. One day, when Dujdao and Ekarin on a boat, a huge storm passes by. Pavinee tries to help Dujdao, until Pavinee becomes greedy and drops her and the baby in the sea. However, Dujdao and the baby is still alive and they now live with NamNgern and Sai Lom . Twenty-three years later, Pavinee's son, Pat and Dujdao's baby, Fah Sai become older. Fah Sai works at the hotel which Ekarin owns and reminds her of his lost wife and daughter. However, they find out about the truth and Pavinee stills to take everything and figures out that Dujdao is still alive and tries to stop Fah Sai from falling in love with Pat.