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      Destiny Seeker The Series

      2023|Thailand|All 10 EPs|Romance
      Chitsanupong Serksiri
      Nuttawatt Thanathaveeprasert
      Nattapon Musikanun
      Nattapat Suwanich
      Chawanakorn Donmongkol
      Sarin Rungkarittiwong

      "As a tradition at Unicorn Institute of Technology and Innovation (UIT), students are required to come up with a new innovation of engineering industry. At the final year at UIT, they will have to present their multimillion-baht invention projects to potential investors and kick start their careers.

      Another unusual custom there is the 6 Dormitories in the campus, where the new comers are selected according to their distinctive characteristics. The nerds are placed in Dormitory 1, the athletes in Dormitory 2, the cute guys in Dormitory 3, the rich guys in Dormitory 4, the gamers in Dormitory 5 and the artists in Dormitory 6.

      Songkram is the president of D2, even though he is handsome, few people dare to look at him due to his fierce personality. Then there is Aye, the eye candy president of D3. The members from the D2 and D3 are always fighting. Many problems arise with the members so the leaders Aye and Songkram have to solve the problems together, drawing them closer to each other. Songkram is always there to help Aye, even with personal problems, which gradually soften Aye’s heart.

      Aside from Aye, the other person who’s got everyone’s attention is Mean, a rising star from D3. While Mean seems to have it all, fame, attention and friends, he really only cares for Pipe, his childhood friend. Mean secretly loves Pipe and always showers him with attention.

      Songkram and Mean met on the campus and became friends. Songkram seeks Mean if there’s any problems and they’d confide in each other. Seeing the two quite close to each other, Aye misunderstood and took them for a couple.

      Meanwhile, Songkram’s “right hand man” at D3, Pipe is in the same class with Aye. Pipe falls in love with Aye and doesn’t reciprocate Mean’s love. His actions upset Mean and gradually, they grew apart and became strangers again.

      How will these youngsters find their ways in love and in life? Will Songkram and Aye be able to face their feelings for each other and be together? Find out on “Destiny Seeker The Series”. "

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