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      Cokrokusumo (Roy Marten) has successfully set Brotoseno (Sujiwo Tejo) aside with the many evil slanders he lay in front of Sinuhun Raja. Holding a grudge, Brotoseno looks to take his revenge using the unborn child of Kanthi (Asmara Abigail). Kanthi, impregnate by Cokrokusumo, is just a village girl who is punished for being thought that she carries the devil’s baby. Punished, tied up, and turning crazy, she got a visit from Brotoseno, that is looking to go through with his revenge plan. Acknowledging that she is only used as a tool by both Cokrokusumo and Brotoseno, she plans to free herself both of them by killing herself. With the help of Sadi (Septian Dwi Cahyo), Brotoseno’s helper, she manages to kill herself. Savagely, Brotoseno takes her baby out of Kanthi’s body and raise her with the name of Uma (Yasamin Jasem). Kanthi’s troubled soul got trapped inside Cermin Kembar, until twenty-one years later when Brotoseno finally starts running his vengeful plan.