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      Dimsum Martabak


      Mona (Ayu Ting Ting) works as Koh Ah Yong's (Chew Kin Wah) right hand in The King's , a chinese restaurant which serves dimsum as the main menu. Koh Ah Yong’ second wife is jealous of her, so Mona is fired. Mona has to look for another job, because, since her father died, she becomes the backbone of the family. Especially, her mother (Meriam Bellina) is ill and her sister is still in college. Mona works odd jobs until she meets Soga (Boy WIlliam) and his friend, Dudi (Acho Muhadkly), who open a martabak foodtruck business. Soga invites Mona to help him. In the beginning, they always fight because of different ways of working. Mona thinks Soga is not serious about managing his business, while Soga feels Mona is too dominant in arranging everything. When it gets along, work relationships have evolved into love relationship. However, Soga restraint. He keeps his identity secret. He is Soga Guntara, the crown prince of billionaire Eric Guntara (Ferry Salim) and Sandra Guntara (Olga Lydia). He doubts whether when Mona knows, she will sincerely loves him? He also doubt whether her family will be able to accept Mona

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