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      Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2

      Denis and Rasty are at the peak of their careers. Rasty is a successful singer, while her boyfriend Denis a famous actor. They deliberately cover up their relationship from the media. Secretly, Denis is also having an affair with a married woman, Tiara. Jimmy, Denis’ friend who also likes Tiara, is jealous. Moreover, Denis is getting busier with the women around him and ignoring his work. Denis and Jimmy have a big fight. Their relationship is broken. Jimmy threatens to destroy Denis’s career. Denis ignores it. He seduced a fan, Dini, who then gets pregnant from him. But Denis dumps her. One day Denis suddenly loses his laptop, the device in which he has stored his nasty videos with several women. The videos spread across the internet and media. Denis is furious. He accuses Jimmy of stealing his laptop. To avoid disgrace, Denis and Rasty flee. Hendra, Denis’s father is very upset, he askes Denis to turn himself in to police. Watching the police catching Denis on television, Dini smiles and sheds a tear.

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