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      Work From Heart

      All 7 EPs

      Jakrin Sangruan Garnpaphon Laolerkiat Achira Detter Anada Prakobkit Pharunyoo Rojanawuttitham Yardpirun Poolun Watcharapon Nonpakdee Sirodom Lorgunpai Thitiphong Phaophan Pasthita Srisangchai
      "“Dee” Spoiled Rich Boy, His parents passed away when he was a little kid. So Dee is the one whose grandma and grandfather expect to be the next one who runs the family business. And It’s time for Dee to do an internship to graduate the university. But his grandfather thinks that Dee can’t do anything on his own So his grandpa secretly planning and take over “DIFA” company where is an agency that Dee is heading for. Dee has to work with “Knight” a heartless Senior Marketing and the problem is Dee’s facial accidentally looks alike his bride who’s broken his heart. "

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