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      You are My Destiny

      SukritWisetkaew EstherSupreleela LanlalinTejasaWeckx
      Fate gave a joke to Pawut. He is the president of Thailand's largest daily necessities production company and a hot young talent. But when he meets Wan Nida, a beauty secretary of a legal company, the rules of life are driving to completely different direction. Wan Nida listened to the advice of her ladies honey Fan, prepared to spend a sweet time with her boyfriend Tanawa on the luxury yacht, and that day was the day that Pawut planned to propose to her ballet girlfriend, Ke Kai. However, Ke Kai was rushed to New York to sign a contract with the Royal Ballet and eventually did not board the ship. On the ship, Pawut was drugged by the newly acquired factory manager Su Nong and his son Su Peng, causing him to have a relationship with Wan Nida who was faint due to taking cold medicine and gone into the wrong room. Pawut misunderstood Wan Nida and Su Nong and Su Peng partnered to set themselves up and was very angry. Wan Nida was saddened by her loss of innocence, and she also found that her boyfriend, Tanava, has not only loved herself but has been using herself, and she is even more sad and crying. Because pity Wan Nida, Pawut used some means to make Tanawa realize the value of Wan Nida - dressed as a princess and brought her to the front of Tanawa, deceiving him to lose Gambling chips. When Pawut and Wan Nida chatted, the cruise staff mistakenly thought that Wan Nida was Ke Kai, so they held a grand marriage ceremony as planned, and they could only go wrong and make the ceremony go wrong. Getting along with Pawut, let Wan Nida temporarily forget the pain, in Wan Nida's heart, She believed that there should be no chance to see Pawut again in this life, unexpectedly, she is pregnant!

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