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      Nyi Roro Kidul Project

      Sandra has to face a heartbreaking reality. Her mother gets a car accident on the way home to celebrate the 17th birthday of Sandra. Sandra became an orphan, as his father had already died earlier. More schock happens when Sandra knows from Tante Mia, that she was adopted from an orphanage located in rural areas of Java. Aunt Mia tells about Bu Gendis, chairman of the orphanage, who took care Sandra before adoption. Sandra then asks her boyfriend Niko, Gento, and Anggun to go to the orphanage’s village. On the road the car crashes into a tree due to a tire burst. The tire is replaced and they continue on. It turns out that the orphanage was already empty. They feel that there is something odd about the village. When looking for Bu Gendis’ house, they meet Ernest, who is doing the documentation project of the village by the name Nyi Roro Kidul Village Project. According to Ernest, the village was formerly inhabited by the followers of Nyi Roro Kidul. They were slaughtered for being heretical. The Spirits of Nyi Roro Kidul followers still haunt and look for prey to be brought into the Kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul in the southern ocean. Because of their broken car, they have to stay the night at the village. Terror is threatening Sandra et al. Chasing ghosts haunting them. With the help of Ernest, Sandra et al make ​​it out of that haunted village. Arriving in town, new problems arise. They found their house empty. Their school is in the same condition. Ernest appeares and tells all the truth. Since the first time he met Sandra et al, they was already spirits. They died when their car crashed into a tree. At that time they are in the school hallway. Then come pupils one by one. Some students penetrate Sandra, Niko, Anggun, and Gento. Finally the four of them disappear ... At home, Aunt Mia cries when police reports that Sandra and her friends found dead in a car that crashed into a tree.

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