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      Whispers from The Devil

      Nany became a witness when her mother, Sophia, was killed by a ghost that she called "black demon" but no one believed her. The incident left a deep trauma for Nany. Eight years later, Nany wants to go to same school as her mother, Erly's Dormitory. Through a long debate with Frans, his father, she was allowed to study at the school. At Erly's dormitory, Nany meets friendly Shila and becomes Nany's best friend. Nany also met Mrs. Emil, a disciplined and wise principal, and a killer teacher named Pak Arnold. On the other hand, Nany had to deal with Hilda and Violet who often bothered her, especially after Nany behaved strangely because she heard a voice that she dusted as "devil's whisper". Nany was even more afraid to be in the dormitory because she saw another “black demon”. Nany's tension is somewhat relieved by the arrival of a new student named Gie who becomes her roommate. Together with Shila and Gie, Nany uncovers the mystery of Erly's dormitory related to her mother's death eight years ago.